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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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to the suicide hot line. both officers responded in self- defense. >> i was shocked. didn't seem like this would be in his character. >> reporter: he says he was a running back on the football team in 2012. a stand out who graduated from san jose high school. >> i feel real sad. there are young men -- i thought he had a lot going for him. to see this happen to him, it is a shock. >> this is the first san jose officer involved shooting this year and we want to mention last august police shot and killed a 19-year-old who police thought was carrying an uzi but it was a drill. she also suffered from mental illness. both officers in this case have been placed on paid administrative leave. >> do they receive any special training for helping people who might have mental illness? >> reporter: in that case the
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officer had special training. focused on those dealing with mental health issues. it is unclear if these officers had the same training. >> okay. azenith smith, thank you. to the labor fight that port of oakland and 28 other west coast ports. still no deal tonight between workers and shippers and today the port was at a stand still. ktvu's tom vacar tells us truckers who aren't involved in this dispute are paying a price here. >> this mess deepens and today the one word that describes the port of oakland, eerie. >> reporter: today the port was like a movie, evidence of humans but nobody around. the usual activity was abandon and the economy, the movement of goods, stalled. once again while the
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longshoreman play a dangerous game with the ship lines and operators who lock them out, 9,000 port truckers make nothing. >> this is a slow death we are suffering right now. >> we are this far apart. >> reporter: that is what the longshoreman said for many days now. >> this is the first time they have come back to innegotiating table. that is positive -- the negotiating table. that is positive. >> we are shut down. we are held hostage. >> look at this, acres of logs. all of it tied up at the port of oakland doing grievous damage to the north coast economy of california. >> i think a resolution could be done soon. >> reporter: many of the truckers, retailers, manufacturers and others inconvenienced are idle by the stand off, they think that is
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nothing more than california dreaming. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we talked about the impact on small businesses, what about big companies like walmart? >> the reason you haven't seen shortages at walmarts, costoes, targets, amazon is because of their economic power. they can divert ships to other ports on the gulf coast, east coast, mexico, canada. they could even fly things in but that can't last forever. if this doesn't get settled soon some of that shipping will be lost forever. >> tom vacar that port of oakland, thank you. to developing news. awaiting president obama's atrieval at san francisco international airport. these are -- arrival at san francisco international airport these are live pictures. it will arrive in a half hour.
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tomorrow morning he will attend a summit on cyber security in addition to his events in the bay area. we are keeping an eye on the traffic around the airport. the president's motorcade is expected to cause back up. what we see here is a group of people allowed to meet the president. once he lands we will bring it to you live. the u.n. security counsel voted to crack down on funding for isis in iraq and syria. the resolution threatens action and authorizes force against anyone buying oil, or smuggled valuables from isis. >> the united states sports today's resolution which is part of a strategies to destroy isil. >> isis was making $1 million a day from oil sales last year. the family of a 14-year-old
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girl who was killedane strange crash isope -- killed in a strange crash is open for answers. tonight police say she wasn't the driver. officers are stepping up the hunt for a person of interest in the case. ktvu's john sasaki is live now after speaking with her family tonight. john? >> reporter: family and friends have been inside that chapel all afternoon. i spoke with them. >> her daughter is gone. [ speaking foreign language ] >> a 14-year-old who didn't deserve to die like that. >> fam aland friends -- family and friends came together for a viewing. [ speaking foreign language ] >> she was a happy girl. [ speaking foreign language ] >> just always wanted to look pretty. [ speaking foreign language ] >> she had plans with her life.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> wanted to be a cosmetologist. >> reporter: last wednesday morning she was in a car possibly driven by a 23-year- old man when it crashed. the car drove away from the scene, coming to a stop several blocks away. >> someone pulled her out of the car or she got out somehow and she was found deceased. >> the owner is this man. they call him a person of interest, but in the weeks since they have been unable to find him. >> we had contact with him in the past however he is the owner. we would love to talk to him. get information about his vehicle. >> reporter: she spent the semester in high school in san jose. >> she was a freshman. one semester. we had her in our radar. >> reporter: back at the viewing, her brother asked for
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help finding whoever caused her death. >> it is her daughter, it is a 14-year-old little girl didn't deserve to die like that. because someone thinks it is okay and get away with it. >> reporter: she will be buried tomorrow in san jose. >> john, thank you. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors decided today protesters who shut down service the day after thanksgiving should not be forced to pay restitution. they chained themselves to two trains and shut down service for three hours. in a vote the board decided to ask the district attorney to withdrawal its request for restitution from 14 protesters however they want the da to prosecute them for trespassing.
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they are protesting police brutality. we are at a cross roads. that is how the direct orphthe fbi describe -- director of the fbi described the relationship between police and minorities. he said law enforcement needs to do more to overcome bias. >> we must better understand the people we serve and protect. by trying to know deep in our gut what it feels like to be young black men walking down the street and encountering law enforcement. we must understand how that young man may see us. we must resist the lazy short cuts of cynicism. >> he said there still hasn't been a healthy dialogue on how officers and minority interact. a scandal surrounding a politician, leland yee is facing new charges that he tried to sell his vote on two bills. the case targeted 28 people in all. ktvu's david stevenson tells us
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the lawyer for one man that for of the case argued his client deserves to be set free. >> reporter: the attorney for raymond choweds enough is enough. >> my -- show said enough is enough. >> my client is -- chow said enough is enough. >> my client is in jail. >> reporter: they are at the center of a 5 year under cover investigation that includes allegations of bribes, money laundering and drug and weapon trafficking. he faces 160 counts of money laundering and has been jailed 11 months without jail. his lawyer says that is not free. >> they are free. my client, jackson and leland yee can see their families and do things and prepare their defense. . >> reporter: leland yee is facing new charges alleging he conspired to sell his votes on two bills. one limited workers comp claims
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by professional athletes and the other dealt with regulation of kick boxing and fight championship events in california. for now his lawyer is trying to get him out. >> i think we can get an acquittal because there is little evidence against him. >> reporter: they plan to final motions for bail and for a trial date. leland yee's trial is in late june. david stevenson, ktvu fox 2 news. new information on that substance that killed hundreds of birds and what made the release of one bird today emotional. >> as you can see he is doing a lot better now. >> it is winter but there is not a rain cloud in sight, the staying power of the sunshine and the record temperatures. >> can you live without your cell phone for three days? why some students are powering down their devices and taking a time out from technology. >> i think everyone that has a device is on it too much.
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funeral services in north carolina today for the three young muslim college students shot to death over what police say was a dispute over parking. [ speaking foreign language ] >> thousands attends the ceremony forcing the family to move the service from the largest mosque to an athletic field owned by noel state university. -- north carolina state university. the victims were shot to death execution style at their condo in chapel hill. >> we are concerned that the
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rising anti-muslim rhetoric in our society -- [ indiscernible ] >> the neighbor has been charged with three counts of first degree murder. police say a neighbor dispute over parking may have been a factor in the attack. they are still investigating whether race or religion played a role. starting today you can choose someone to manage your facebook account when you died. they will be called a legacy contact and they will be able to respond to friend request and update the cover photo and profile and archive posts and pictures. till now a family member had to notify facebook that the user had died. facebook fielded hundreds of thousands of casts from family -- requests from family and friends and that is why they made the change. a tickle stole for the powerball matched 5-6 numbers
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last night. it is a far cry from the $600 million that will be split three between ticket holders who bought tick said in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. the ticket was sold on east 14 14th street. the store itself will get $7,000 just for selling the ticket. all right. think about this. could you go three days without using your cell phone or electronic devices? students at a school in san francisco are just about to find out. ktvu's rob roth spent the day at the school where they are taking a tech time out. >> reporter: for so many people electronic devices are constant companions. but here at san francisco's convent school students are taking a time out. >> i am very addicted to my phone and i love texting. >> reporter: he and hundreds of
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others at his school have accepted a challenge. they are ceiling a-- sealing away their cell phones and ipads. >> good-bye phone. >> and anything else with a screen for the next 72 hours. >> this is an opportunity for us to think about the use of those devices and those apps to create a mindfulness and that is what this is about. >> reporter: no texting, tweeting, instagrams for three days. can they survive? >> i think it will be hard but i can do it. >> reporter: some say the challenge is like medicine. >> maybe in the future when i am looking for something to do it won't be go on my phone or watch tv, it will be go outside and play basketball. >> reporter: they were playing cards, interacting with each other instead of staring at
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screen. it is similarity. 8 of 800 students, 500 accepted the challenge. many declined the offer. >> i feel like i am being grounded and i don't have to. >> reporter: leaders say success may be hard tomeasure right away. >> suck -- to measure right away. >> success would be that they look back and say i don't always have to have my phone with me. >> reporter: then what? >> i will fall back into my routine. >> reporter: electronic devices may be here for good but sometimes you have to hit the pause button. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. developing news now. the president's plane is just about to land at san francisco international airport. this is a live report. we have david stevenson there awaiting the president's arrival. he is with people chosen to greet the president when he
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arrives. as we wait to bring you pictures a lot of people wonder what does this mean for my ride, we are expecting delays on 101 and 280. the airplane is now coming in here at sfo. again, what this means for most people getting around between sfo and the city, delays on 101 and 280. the president is running ahead of schedule. maybe 10, 15, 20 minutes ahead of schedule. he is expected to go to san francisco, the mission in the bay area here, a speech tomorrow on cyber security at stanford and a democratic national committee fun razer tomorrow. this is just the beginning of a quick trip by president obama. no public events scheduled for this event. we will bring you the president later on. >> that is such a beautiful plane. when you see that up close, it
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is gleaming. let's talk about our weather. david stevenson once the president is about to exit but right now, our chief meteorologist bill martin, beautiful. >> here is what i know about frank, he knows about -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> it has a hospital on board. a whole -- >> an entire hospital. >> they can do anything they need to do if there is an emergency. >> the forecast tomorrow will be warm as today. records today. temperatures tomorrow will be about there. maybe a degree cooler in some places. 79 degrees. that was the high in oakland. that was -- the airport tied 69 and mountain view 73. felt warm when i came into work
5:20 pm
today. the fog and low clouds reform tonight. dense fog advisory for the central valley as it was last night. jet stream is going over the top. there are clouds coming into the area. high clouds making for a beautiful sunset. ocean beach. seeing the clouds. come in closer. you can see that temperatures are -- wow! that is not february. right? look at that. 5:20 p.m. or so. look at the temperatures. 70 in san francisco. 69 degrees in walnut creek. the sun angle is low. very low. the highs tomorrow, yellows are 70s. greens are 60s. look at all the 60s. we will see -- somebody will get close ta80. -- to 80. we will see 70s showing up. san jose downtown 74 degrees for a day time high torm. as we go into -- tomorrow.
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as we go into tomorrow, valley fog. you will end up with temperatures like these, warmer in some places. air quality not horrible. no spare the air. not as good as we have been having. 72 palo alto. the five-day forecast looks like this. dry, warm. i want to get through that because when i -- when i go fishing in the mountains, our cell phones don't work. back to the cell phone story. it is so nice to have the phone gone for three days and you come out and you hear all this stuff coming in. but it is really refreshing to not have it on you. >> life can go on -- [ talking at the same time ] >> like it did 15 years ago -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. coming up here, this is just a remarkable story. a dog heartbroken when the owner was taken to the
5:22 pm
hospital. the dog went on a 20 block journey to find her and made it. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> coming up, a plea from the family of a woman who was struck and killed while crossing the street. >> i want justice. i want to look at them in the courtroom and tell them what they took from me. >> how the victim is being remembered and the search tonight for the hit-and-run driver. >> also days away from the deadline and still short. the push tonight to get californians signed up for health insurance. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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back new the developing news. president obama just landed moments ago board air force one at san francisco international airport. ktvu's david stevenson is live there. the steps are down but we haven't seen the president just yet. >> not yet. wee waiting for him to come on down. you can't see it but just beyond the black suv is mayor ed lee waiting to greet the president on his visit to the bay area. the plane landed 15 minutes ahead of schedule. it surprised us to see it coming down off to the left. we were taken abit by surprise. we can see the -- a bit by surprise. we can see the president in the doorway before coming down.
5:26 pm
talking to someone. you can see him beginning to make his way down the streps. he waved to -- steps. he waved to the people gathered to the left to greet him here. these are family members of military service people and vips. he is coming down the steps. he will greet mayor ed lee. we are hoping he will perhaps go over to the bleachers next to us and talk to the folks here. he is in town for a number of events this weekend. she going to attend cyber security conference in palo alto tomorrow morning. he is then expected to attend and headline a democratic national committee fundraising dinner before heading out of the bay area to palm springs on saturday morning. his visit is expected to tie up traffic along the peninsula this evening. he will stay in the fairmont
5:27 pm
hotel by san francisco union square. they have shut down cable car service starting at 11:00 a.m. this morning through saturday to provide extra security. this will be a short visit. again the conference, fund raising and heading out of the bay area saturday. >> the president -- getting a better look at him after he greeted mayor ed lee. walking over to supporters there. the president has no public engagements on his visit to the bay area and that is a trend for him. >> reporter: that has been a criticism in the last several years. san francisco -- excuse me, the bay area is a cash cow for democratic fundraisers so the president and michelle obama have been in a traction for raising money for the dnc and
5:28 pm
other candidates. that is prompted criticism. there has been noticed in the last couple appearances the ticket prices for his appearances weren't commanding the type of attention and demand that might be expected. might be expected given his term is winding down. the event he will be attending tomorrow night is for 60 people. the prices range as high as $33,000. it will raise a million dollars for the dnc. there is not really many other public appearances besides that cyber security conference at stanford. not the number of people you would expect to want to see the president in public. >> look at that. can you talk more about this crowd. i think you were mentioning they are military veterans? >> reporter: we are told they are family of military members. i talked to a number of them. they didn't all seem to belong
5:29 pm
to a group. i am told some are vips who knew someone that enabled them to be here for this. others were told -- people serving the military. the last time he came out here there were a number of family members who serve on air force one. it is a small crowd, 36 people. as you can see, they are delighted to get up close. >> it is funny. i feel like you have done this for us several times. we have taken it life. there was a year when he picked up a crying baby, the baby stopped crying. that was the headline for the next day. they tend to be callerful and -- colorful, and exciting news out of a very planned visit, if you will. >> you could say that. makes for a good picture to see the president smiling with a baby. it thrilled the parents that we
5:30 pm
talked to the last time he did this. a chance to do outreach to people. even if he is not reaching out to the general public as he did earlier in his first term. >> as he was walking down the stairs from air force one behind him, one of the perks is sometimes you get a chance to hitch a ride on air force one back to home base. >> reporter: you can see that couple, shaking his hand. the president seems to be getting in -- no. taking a walk. waving at the media. getting ready to head into san francisco. that will tie up traffic a little bit. probably easier if you are traveling with the president. we expect to see traffic tied
5:31 pm
up. the president -- the helicopters will be used to ferry him tomorrow from san francisco to palo alto. >> tonight could be a different story. the president will be going up 101 or 280 to get to san francisco. staying at the fairmont hotel. the way they do this is running block aids. they won't shut down the freeway. but they temporarily shut down intersections. new clues in the gothat killed dash goo that killed hundreds of -- goo that killed hundreds of birds. >> more of the roses, the bay area grower battling to get you to buy the best.
5:32 pm
5:33 pm
new clues about the mystery goo that killed hundreds of birds. the department of fish and wildlife narrowed down what it is. another batch of birds was released today near the golden
5:34 pm
gate bridge and ktvu's noelle walker was there. >> reporter: precious car go. six goo birds carried back to the place where they can fly free. only one of them has a nickname. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: just like the goo on his feathers this was gummy bear three weeks ago. he got his name -- >> because he was -- [ crying ] >> reporter: you are not supposed to get attached. not supposed to name the patients. but volunteers are only human. >> came in covered. couldn't flap his wings. >> reporter: after a month of testing. today the department of fish and wildlife said the tests narrowed it down to non- petroleum-based fats or oils
5:35 pm
like cooking oil. >> sounds simple but it is complicated. >> reporter: there are eight labs working to find out what the goo is. it is leading the experts stumped. >> we may not know what we are looking for. there are a lot of things that are easier to figure out than this has been. >> the road to recovery hasn't been easy either but today gummy bear made it back home. >> when you bring them out and release them it kind of -- just kind of all hits. >> reporter: a bird release and an emotional release all in one. >> i hope he has a long, happy life. second chance. >> how many birds are still being cared for and how expensive is it to care for them? >> reporter: they have between 80-85 birds. these birds have been there now pushing four weeks.
5:36 pm
it cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars to care for the birds and this is a non- for profit organization so they rely on donations and they need the donations to care for the birds. >> do they have any idea where it came from? >> reporter: no. they are calling it a mixture. they believe that it is a mixture from one source, what the source is still a mystery. >> noelle walker, thank you. san francisco police have released a picture of a man who assaulted an officer. it happened on january 23 about 5:40 p.m. near 4th and king street. the man ran from officers, knocking one of them off a muni platform. the officer was injured and the man escaped. police would like to hear from anyone who recognizes the person in this picture.
5:37 pm
viewers are responding with generosity for a mother and her two children featured in our 2 investigates report. ktvu's eric rasmussen reported the story last week and back with a wonderful update here. >> reporter: amazing. i just got off the phone with the mom, she has blown. they have raised -- viewers raised $10,000 to help her family find a safer place to live. we documented problems the towers in oakland. you remember we met the 16-year- old and her brother as they were about talug laundry up four -- to lug laundry up four flights of stairs. they moved into this tiny room to escape domestic violence. 2 investigates found holes in the walls, lights out in the
5:38 pm
stair ways and garbage in the hallways. yet she is getting straight "as" in school. she told -- as. in school. >> sometimes when i want privacy i go in the closet. i know it is ridiculous but that is the only place i could go. >> after our story we were flooded with requests from viewers who wanted to help. nicole set up a page on go fund me. in 24 hours they raised more than $10,000. she told me they hope to use the donations to move out and find a better place to live. and as for the condition at the hotel, they had to evacuate for a small fire earlier this week but they have seen improvements as well. workers patched the holes in the walls and did painting.
5:39 pm
>> we hear so many stories domestic violence. but to see her and her children and the pictures you brought to us, that combination -- it struck home for us and now with so many people watching. >> we heard from a lot of people. when frank posted this story on his facebook page, that is when things took off. and this outporing of support -- outpouring of support. she is blown away. >> $5 here. $10 here, it all adds up. $10,000. we have been doing this for a long time. there is nothing more rewarding than when you do a piece like this and you get an end like this. >> just check out the comments on the page. people saying don't give up. people have been there before. >> thank you. well, a day of romance
5:40 pm
means fierce competition. battling importers for business. the grower who says there is more to flowers than just price. >> rare access inside a training facility for bay area firefighters. it is a mock city that is hidden away on treasure island. >> we will explain how this happened. right in the middle of an intersection in boston.
5:41 pm
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here is something you don't see every day. a boat snuck in the snow on a busy street. it happened yesterday afternoon in boston. a truck was towing the boat when it got hung up in a snow bank. folks in the area, look what they did, they started digging to free the truck and the boat. along with candy nothing says valentine's day like roses for many. and the competition between growers to get their roses in your hands this weekend goes international. ktvu's mike mibach reports it is a war of the roses. >> reporter: one rose at a time. one dozen at a time. here in petaluma this is 500,000 square feet of
5:44 pm
patience. >> we heat them. they get fertilized hourly. cut daily. >> reporter: a whole sale flower grower. the hard work pays off. >> they have top quality rose. >> the flowers are the best quality. >> customers planning a valentine's day wedding in santa rosa, came back looking for dedication. >> their flowers last. they are healthy. if there is a problem they work with us. we keep coming back. you build relationships. >> reporter: not everything is glorious and beautiful as we approach valentine's day. for a lot of growers in california it is a battle. reason being, 80% of the flowers that florists use in bouquets are imported. >> 30 years ago used to be 100 in california, now there is 5- 10 left that do a large amount.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: competition from south american countries knocked out many. the quality -- >> marginal. especially for this holiday. it is two weeks old by the time it hits the users hands for valentine's day. >> reporter: love is in the air but so too is the word local. >> nice have that rapport locally. if we need something in a hurry we get it in a few hours. >> give your wife roses? >> i give her flowers. she doesn't want roses around valentine's day. >> reporter: they just ask you ask where the roses came from. mike mibach, ktvu fox 2 news. >> new details about the measles outbreak at disneyland and the e-mails found between disneyland and health officials
5:46 pm
and what they were asking for. >> record temperatures today. one record, two tied. warm again tomorrow. it is friday already. what you can expect as we push towards the bay area weekend.
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
new information shows disneyland executives offered officials input on what to tell the public about the measles outbreak. e-mails show disneyland executives sent messages to
5:49 pm
officials asking them to emphasize the park was safe to visit and not responsible for the illnesses. officials incorporated some of the suggestions. there is no evidence disneyland tried to mislead the public but the e-mails show how murrayed they were -- how worried they were. an incredible story of puppy love. she was heartbroken when her owner was put in the hospital. she was in a room at the hospital. 20 blocks away from her home in iowa. earlier this week she disappeared from the yard and everyone feared the worse, she may have been lost but she wasn't lost at all. somehow she managed to find her way to the hospital and walked into the lobby. when security checked her caller they realized she was there to see her owner and they took her up to the room and she was really excited to see her.
5:50 pm
that was just -- cool. >> true love. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. talking about warm weather. feels like early may. >> right now it does. 67 right now in livermore. >> i know. >> right? >> something. >> what is up? a record in oakland today. tied record. mountain view tied a record. airport tied a record. highs right now. low 60s. upper 60s. this time of night. low sun angle. shouldn't be that warm but it is. tomorrow will be as warm. maybe a degree cooler or the same. how do you get warmer than this? these are the highs tomorrow using colors to represent temperatures. lots of low 70s. mid-70. maybe even upper 70s. san jose airport -- or san jose downtown 74 degrees for a high. for friday. the forecast through time, then, sunny and mild to warm.
5:51 pm
not just friday. saturday, sunday and next week as well. warmest periods into the weekend. next chance of rain is on february 21. so a ways away. 7-8 days away. hopefully that happens. as you look at temperatures for tomorrow. they are impressive. enjoy it. we had a great -- boy, right, got the rain last week, last weekend. how
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5:55 pm
rare access inside a unique training center that gives bay area firefighters a hands on experience before they are 31 31st into emergencies. -- thirstine emergency. -- thirst in a emergency. ktvu's ken wayne got a chance to see how it works. >> reporter: tucked away on a small corner is a small city within a city. some buildings have the metal gates and doors found at homes across san francisco. >> it is a great thing going on. >> reporter: this town has almost everything but people. all the infrastructure and the dangers that come with them that firefighters encounter on emergency calls every day. >> the quicker i get them into the yard where they can get their hands -- that is where you pick up good stuff. >> water main breaks, firefighters learn how to turn off the water and how not to
5:56 pm
make a bad situation worse. >> keep positive pressure on the main line so it doesn't contaminate the water system. >> reporter: vault fires. >> no more guessing on vault fires. we never go in one. never. >> lessons from san bruno. gas line breaks. >> 110, 120psi. >> reporter: earthquakes and power outages could leave people trapped in elevators. >> reporter: mock elevators teach firefighters how to rescue people in the different styles of elevators found in the city. they come to save me. >> san francisco fire department. you all right? not hurt? >> reporter: while it is best to wait for rescue in an elevator, in a fire you should get out as soon as possible. i am in the burn room, it is
5:57 pm
dark, smoky and i can't find a way out. >> we are coming. we would like you to go back in and stay in a safe area. close the door. if you have clothes or towels, line them against the bottom of the door, put a towel over your mouth and nose so you can breathe. >> reporter: if trapped stay on the floor where it is cooler and smoke and heat won't burn your lungs. if firefighters don't know where you are, get their attention. >> get the window open and throw things out and call for help. >> plan ahead with your family so you know how to find your way out when you can't see. >> if we get in trouble, we follow the hose. we know the hose goes to safety. >> that was ktvu's ken wayne reporting. the training facility is getting a lot of attention from other departments. they may start sending their
5:58 pm
crews to get more training. the ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> air force one touches down at sfo. president obama returned to the bay area with a schedule that takes him from san francisco to silicon valley. good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> the president is back in the bay area. arrived 30 minutes ago. a three day visit that includes a fund raiser and a summit at stanford. ktvu's david stevenson is live now at sfo. david, who arrived with the president on air force one? >> reporter: he arrived with a number of special guests. got in 5:15 p.m. startling the people here when they saw air force one pulling in. he brought with him a number of gusts. local congress people. returning to their districts. taking a ride with the
5:59 pm
president. the president was greeted on the tarmac by san francisco mayor ed lee and a crowd of three dozen people. some of the folks were families of military members. others were vips. the president shook hands and held a baby or two once he got out on the tarmac. the president seemed to have a slow light tonight although he will be busier tomorrow and saturday. tonight he will be heading to his hotel
6:00 pm


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